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5/17/2016 - German Customers

Please note, from today, customers in Germany can order from us directly if preferred. Please register on-line for an account or contact ianw@fluorochem.co.uk. You can receive on line quotes including delivery costs, process orders, check order status and check stock status. If you wish to discuss further what we can do for you please contact us.

7/23/2013 - Website Changes

We have made a couple of changes to the way some of our newer products are displayed. If you see the term “pending data” against a product then that is because it is a development product; it should be possible to supply but has not yet been synthesised so we cannot give catalogue pricing. There may be considerable delays in supplying these products in the short term but we will endeavour to add them to our priced and available products as quickly as we can. We have also made discontinued products visible and if there is an alternative product available then that is displayed for your reference. As ever, if there are any problems with this then please let us know. We value your constructive feedback.

8/14/2012 - WCA Achievement Award

We are delighted to announce that following a recent audit by Intertek, and as part of our continuing drive towards responsible procurement, Fluorochem has been granted a Workplace Conditions Assessment Achievement Award. The 2 day audit covered labor, wages and hours, health and safety, management systems and environment as well as looking at our ethics policies and code of conduct. For a copy of our certificate (F_IAR_4490) or details of our ethics policy or code of conduct please enquire.

2/7/2012 - E-molecules

We are uploading our available products onto the e-molecules platform this week. Many of our customers have requested us to do this so hopefully it will be of benefit to many people. You can find the site at http://www.emolecules.com

In addition Fluorochem products are searchable on DiscoveryGate, SciFinder, Chemexper, Chem-Spider, Zinc, Science Warehouse and Sci-Quest. If there are any other platforms that you would find it useful for Fluorochem to be represented on please let us know

9/1/2011 - Important Information for Customers in France

Due to retirement, Ugarit Chimie will no longer be representing Fluorochem in France from the end of September 2011. We offer M Hine our heartfelt thanks for his many years of hard work promoting Fluorochem in France. As a result, from 1st October 2011 customers in France should place all orders directly with Fluorochem. Pricing is available on this site along with stock information. In most cases you should find that the price is now lower. If you need to discuss any aspect of this situation please contact us. We would be happy to discuss on the phone or come to meet you face to face.

7/29/2011 - GHS MSDS by email

Since the new GHS/CLP MSDS came into force we have been sending these out by email to customers as a pdf rather than with the shipment. The new style MSDS run to at least 8 pages and we calculated that if we printed them we could lay the paper used each year from Fluorochem all the way to Alton Towers in Staffordshire 70 miles away! Our bespoke new software now emails, at the point of despatch, the shipping contact with the tracking details for the shipment and the MSDS contact with the relevant MSDS(s). This is why you may be asked, when ordering, to provide details of these two contacts. Thanks for your help.

6/1/2011 - Reduced shipping costs to Baltic states/ Eastern Europe

Thanks to a new arrangement with a courier, Fluorochem is now able to ship dangerous goods at a significantly reduced rate to Eastern Europe and Baltic States. Where we have previously had to charge £180 to ship with air freight companies we can now ship for £40-75 with similar delivery times door-to-door. If this affects your Company then we look forward to your new enquiries.