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Safety Data Sheet and Labelling

Fluorochem safety data sheets and labels are built using the SDSOnline application provided by Hank Solutions that is GHS/CLP compliant

The majority of products have a safety data sheet available to download from the Fluorochem website, just search for a product and click the download safety datasheet link. To request a datasheet in a differnet language or legislation please contact SDS@Fluorochem.co.uk

The system can be provided to any other company and because it's an online solution, Fluorochem's safety data sheets can be copied to your own account, giving you your very own SDS for exactly the same product in seconds. The system is compatible in various languages and covers the European(CLP), US(HCS) and Chinese regulations.

Since going live with the system in June 2011, Fluorochem have completed over 6000 safety datasheets using SDSOnline such is the easy to use interface. Development of the software began in October 2010 and after working closely with the consultation of Flurochem, Hank Solutions have created what we beleive to be a system far superior to anything we have used before. We even imported alot of the hazard data from our old MSDS software Lycos.

Printing & Labelling

Printing and Labelling

To complete the solution, Hank Solutions provide a BS5609 compliant marine label to be used with a low cost Epson printer. Printing labels is simple and can be done using any safety data sheet in your account. No longer will you be limited to a pre-printed label.

Contact the sales director lee@hanksolutions.co.uk or visit www.HankSolutions.co.uk for more information.