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Synthetic Technologies Limited

In 1997 the management teams of Fluorochem and Oakwood Products bought the two Companies together out of BNFL (British Nuclear Fuels). The shares of both Companies are held by a parent company, Synthetic Technologies Limited, whose shares in turn are held by the combined management of Fluorochem and Oakwood.

Bottles in Fume Room
Since that time the group has seen impressive growth in terms of staff, products and turnover. This rapid increase has been fuelled, in large part, through the tremendous development of new products at the US member of our Group, Oakwood. Through sustained interaction with customers and expansion of already popular product lines we have increased our range by around 6000 items in the last 3 years.

Moreover we continue to explore and develop new products. To be kept updated with our new lines please ask to be put on our CD mailing list for updates. Alternatively we can email you with .sd files of our latest database on request.

Another area we have consciously improved upon in the last couple of years is the stock levels of our catalogue products. Our combined stock levels are over 80% at the time of publication and we have a self-imposed target of 95% within the next two years.

To further the out-sourcing area of our business we have offices in Tianjin and Shanghai, from which our employees can visit laboratories and ship goods to and from China. Furthermore, we have a network of distributors and agents throughout the World who can help with local issues.

We feel that the Synthetic Technologies group of Companies is well placed to help with projects from research through to manufacture of a few hundred kgs in-house. Moreover we have the contacts and experience to technology transfer our processes to large scale manufacturers either in China or to cGMP manufacturers in Europe or USA