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Organic Research Intermediates
Fluorochem was created in 1967 as a manufacturer of fluorochemical intermediates. Over Forty years later, as well as maintaining our position as one of the world’s leading suppliers of fluorinated intermediates for research and development, we have hugely expanded our product range and we no longer just supply fluorianted chemicals. We now provide a huge range of products to include our large range of organic intermediates. This includes heterocyclics, heteroaromatics, aromatics, boronic acids
Aliphatic Cyclical Structures
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Boronic acids and esters
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Fluorinated Aromatics
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Fluorinating Agents
Fluorine containing products
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Functional groups
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Heterocyclic compounds
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Non Metals
Novel Fluorinated Intermediates
Peptide Coupling Reagents
Protecting Groups
Reagents for Synthesis