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Fluorochem has been involved in silanes and silicones for over 20 years. In that time we have developed a catalogue of over 10000 products many of which are available from stock and some in multi hundred kg quantities. We service industries as diverse as pharmaceutical, plastics, construction, glass fibre composites and adhesives.

Silicon based moieties are excellent blocking/ protecting agents in organic synthesis. We offer a diverse range with many available from stock in bulk amounts. Moreover, we stock many silylated molecules already protected with silane groups.

We also stock a selection of organo-silanes which are used extensively in cross-coupling reactions offering an alternative to Suzuki or Stille coupling and a collection of silicon based reducing agents.

Opportunities for Silane, Metal-Organic and Silicone products in advanced technology industries including Microelectronic, Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, Diagnostic, Optic & Optoelectronic, Specialty Adhesive, Sealant & Coating has created a demand for sales support and locally warehoused products. Fluorochem Ltd. are well positioned to respond.